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Meet Lily Garza

CEO & Founder of 1st & Last Stop Financial


Lily Garza is a board member of NAHREP, The National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals®.


You have a better life with good credit.

My journey into finance began with my own life experiences.

"How are other people walking into a car dealership and paying 0%? How do they do that? Why can't I? What's the reason?"

These are questions I would ask myself.

I started to realize that some people had been taught about these things by their parents. Sometimes that education was passed down to them from several generations.


They basically walked out of the home with good credit. They learned how to manage it at home. It's nothing they learned at school.


So, of course, for anyone who didn't learn these things at home - like me - it's not until you run into all these different situations that you start asking questions about how personal finance and credit works.

A life with more options.

Sometimes life makes you start over. And over again.

I didn't grow up knowing how to handle my finances or even having the means to do so. I started with an ITIN, until I was able to get my citizenship.

When I finally built credit, the loss of my husband put me in a position where I had to file for bankruptcy.

So, when I tell you I had to start and restart - I mean it.


I had to go through it.

With those things behind me, I had to navigate other things as a single mother with three children.


I had to ask myself, "What do I need to do right now to get to this goal. And when I get that goal, what else do I need to be focusing on?"

Many of my clients come to me when they feel like they've run out of options. They may be getting rejected by multiple lenders while trying to buy their first home, or they may feel like they'll never escape high interest rates.

Whether it's divorce, illness, loss of a loved one, or maybe you just never learned the importance of financial independence.

Let me help you.

Regardless of where you're at right now, my team can teach you how to have financial freedom and protection for your future.

Are you wondering why you can't get approved for that mortgage loan? Or get approved for other loans?


Are you tired of all the different lenders saying different things?


Are you stuck with the same credit score and can't seem to get it to go up any more points?


Well, I have a solution.


I understand the financial side. And I also understand the credit side to help you achieve your financial goals.


Let's analyze your situation.


Book your first consultation with me. We'll look at all your finances and come up with a master plan.

Are you ready to build a better financial future?

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