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Get the personalized credit help  you need to get it done right, the first time.


Meet Lily Garza
CEO & Founder of 1st & Last Stop Financial
Realtor, Owner-financing, and Credit Repair Specialist

My journey into finance began with my own life experiences.

How are other people walking into a car dealership and paying 0%? How do they do that? Why can't I? What's the reason?

These are questions I would ask myself.

Lily Garza is a member of NAHREP, The National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals®.


What kind of help do you need?

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  • You want to make a big purchase that requires a credit check.

  • You want to understand your credit health.

  • You're stuck at your current credit score.

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  • You're a first-time home buyer.

  • You can't get approved for a mortgage loan.

  • You're tired of lenders telling you different things.

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  • Owner-to-owner purchase.

  • All credit qualifies.

  • Self-Employed friendly.

  • No SSN or ITIN required.

Are you ready to build a better financial future?

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